Sizing Charts with the Zoom in Microsoft Excel 2010

In this article, we will learn how we can perform the function of sizing the chart with the Zoomin Microsoft Excel 2010.Before sizing the charts with the window, we need to create a chart.

Charts option contains 10 types of charts that include Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, XY (Scatter), Stock, Surface, Radar, and Combo Charts.We can create chart by pressing the only one key on the keyboard.

We have data in the range A1:B13 in whichcolumn A contains Month and Column B contains Achievement.
We want to create a chart by using the F11 key, follow below given steps:-

  • Select the cell A1 and press the key F11 on your keyboard.
  • By default, column chart will get created in the new worksheet.


  • In new worksheet, 2 contextual tabs Design and Format will appear in the main tab.
  • By using the design tab, we can add the chart element, change the chart design, change the colors, switch Row/Column change the data range as well, and also we can move chart location as per the requirement.


  • By using the format tab, we can insert the shapes, change the shape style, color, insert the text in shapes, etc.


For sizing the charts with the window, follow below given steps:-

  • Go to the chart sheet.
  • In the View tab, click on Zoom under the Zoom group.
  • From there, we can adjust the chart according to our requirement.
  • We can zoom the chart 100%, as per the selection or we can put the %age for Zooming the chart as per the requirement.


  • Click on 100%.


  • Click on Zoom, and Zoom dialog box will appear.


  • By using this, we can increase as well as decrease the chart size.
  • When we click on Zoom to Fit Selection, chart will return in the default size.

This is the way we can adjust the chart size with the Zoom in Microsoft Excel.


  1. I created my macro to extract csv data dump in excel worksheet. TAkes the first two columns copy paste to sheet 1. TAkes those to columns creates chart. How can I go back and play with my macro chart so that it can increase the size of the chart and decrease fonts for better viewing.

  2. Hi JJ, Yes - you can do this, but how you do it depends on how many people are creating the documents, and where they are stored after creation. 1) Using VBA to pick up the last (or next) number to be used, inserting it in your document, and then incrementing the counter. 2) You could add a sheet each time for a new document (all in one file), and use a formula to refer to the last document, or even use the MAX function and add one. 3) You could create a new file and pick up the number by linking to the previous file in the same folder (probably). Lots of options - you need to decide how it would work from a business perspective first, then apply the appropriate technical solution to fit the business process. Alan

  3. Hi - is there anyway I can create an excel Template, it may be an invoice quote letter etc. What I need it to do is generate a sequential number somewhere, eg: say 1000. When I open that template again - I want that number to be 1001. It doesnt really matter if I dont end up saving that one, and close it so the next person to open that template will be 1002. As long as no number is repeated.

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