Selecting the Current Region/List in Microsoft Excel 2010

In this article, we will learn how we can select the current region list in Microsoft Excel 2010. The current region/list in Microsoft Excel 2010 is a range of cells that contains data bounded by blank rows and columns.
There are several way to select the current region around the active cell in Microsoft Excel 2010 but the most quick and short which will save your time and make your work easier are mention below:-

Using the Ctrl and * key together

  • Go to inside of range which is required to be selected
  • Press ctrl and * or ctrl + shift + 8 (if you don’t have number pad).

Using Go To option:-

  • Click on inside of the range
  • Press Ctrl + G or press F5 key on your keyboard.
  • Go To dialog box will appear.


  • Click on special (left bottom option)
  • Go to current region option and Click onOK.

This way we can select the data till the end to ignore the blank cells in the data in Microsoft Excel.


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