How to Show or Insert Division Symbol in Cell in Excel?

In this article, we will learn how to write a division sign in excel and other symbols. Excel is all about formulas and calculations.

Sometimes while preparing excel dashboards, you do division in excel, and to show that we often use "/" to indicate division, but since childhood, we grew up using this divide symbol (÷). So, how to write divide sing in excel?

Division symbol in excel Shortcut (ALT + 0247)

To put divide symbol in excel, use Alt +0 2 4 7 (from the numeric keypad of the keyboard). Why? because you will not find division sign on keyboard. This is a trick to write divide sign on excel.

Hold down the ALT key and press 0 2 4 7 from numeric part of the keyboard. When do we need to write a division sign? We often use divide symbol in column headings and explanation notes such as Achieve revenue ÷ Target revenue. The forward slash (/) doesn't give that feel of divide as divide symbol does.oii

NOTE: You must use the numeric keypad and not the numbers on the top row of your keyboard.

How to Insert Division Sign Manually?

To put divide sign in excel or any other symbol, follow the steps as shown below: Select the cell where you want to insert the divide sign and click Insert > Symbol under Symbols option rt In the Symbol window, find the symbol, and then double click it or click the Insert button to insert it into the selected cell. tyt Division symbol is inserted to the selected cell as shown below Shortcut keys are easy instead of selecting multiple options. Hope you learned how to use the shortcut key for adding Division symbol and how to insert other symbols. Excel let’s you perform these shortcuts and functions in Excel 2013 and 2010. Read more content on Excel here. Please write your unresolved query and we will help you.

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