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Sometimes when we want to create a new workbook based on an existing file, we open the original file, we intend to use the Save As command to save the file with a new name. BUT we tend to be so busy with the file, we forget, make major changes, and overwrite the original file.  All the effort in creating the original file gone down the drain. Fortunately, since Excel 2000, there's a safer way to create a new workbook based on an existing one.

Select File, Open and browse to the folder of the workbook you want to duplicate. In the Open dialog box, click on the small drop-down arrow on the Open button and you will see several options including Open As Copy. Select Open As Copy and a new workbook identical to the original will be created (with no risk of overwriting the original).

Note that when you select Open As Copy, Excel immediately creates an identical workbook and saves it to the same folder as the original with the name "Copy of original filename". Even if you close this workbook without saving it, the duplicate file will still remain in the folder. If you use Save As to save this workbook with a different name, you may want to delete the "Copy of" version from the folder.

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