"Proofing" in Excel 2010

Proofing is used in Excel to check the "Spelling", "Research", "Thesaurus","Translation" in Excel 2010.

This tool allow the users to edit the documents in more than 50 languages.

Auto Correct Option is used for correcting typos and spelling mistakes automatically. Auto correction is set up by avoidance with a list of typical misspelling, and symbols, but we can identify the list that Auto correct uses.

To access spell check, go to Review tab and select Spelling in the Proofing group.

Let’s understand with a simple exercise:-

We have text in cell A1 and there are few spellings are wrong. Now we want to correct the spellings in Microsoft Excel.


Spelling Check in Data:-

  • Select the sheet in which you want to correct the spelling mistakes.
  • To check the spelling you have 2 options either go to Review Tab and click spelling button in the Proofing group or press F7 key (function key) on your keyboard.


  • Excel will start the correct the Spelling mistakes. It checks for spelling from the active cell point will continue till the end of worksheet.
  • After clicking on the Spelling, Spelling: English (United States) dialog box will appear.
  • Before to correct the wrong spelling dialog box will provide the suggestion word you can select appropriate words form the list otherwise you can ignore. If you are sure about the spelling is correct and not available in this tool then you can add the word in dictionary by using the Add to Dictionary option button.


  • Click on Change All button, after completed the all spelling check you will get the popup, click on ok.


  • It means all spellings mistakes have been corrected now.

Research Check in Data:-

This option such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and translation services are used to get the info you need. You can also try some online services for more in-depth research.

To use this function go to Review Tab, click on Research in the Proofing group.


To research for the word, you have to enter the word in the Search for Box, and research.
Thesaurus Option: - This option is used to find out words with similar meanings in Microsoft Excel.

To use this function go to Review Tab, click on Thesaurus in the Proofing group.

Let’s take an example and understand how we can find out the different words of same meanings.

  • Go to Review Tab, Click on Thesaurus in the Proofing Group.


  • Thesaurus window will appear.
  • Enter a word in search box.
  • Click on search icon.
  • You will get the list of Synonyms.
  • Select any word as per the sentence meaning.


This is the way we can use the Thesaurus for find out the fit word for a sentence in Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013.

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