Changing the Default Auto-Save File Location

You are working for few hours on entering data, creating graphs & important reports and, suddenly, you find that the computer crashes due to power failure or other reason -this is really frustrating. In this case, you must read this article to save yourself from doing re-work & thus save your time.

In excel, there are Auto Save & Auto Recover options that help users to save the file after every x minutes & user can change the default path of the file.

Excel AutoSave and AutoRecover

AutoSave and AutoRecover are excellent features in excel & help user to avoid any problem if excel workbook is not saved or restore previous versions. Many people think these are one & same features but they are different from each other.

Excel AutoSave automatically saves a new excel file that you have created, it will not save if the file is not saved at least once. It helps you save your important information in case of any accidental crash or power failure.

Excel AutoRecover helps you in retrieving files which are not saved due to accidental crash or power failure. It helps you in restoring the last saved version; this feature displays in the Document Recovery pane when you start your excel after the crash.

While working on excel file, it is important to know the location of auto-save. Apart from auto save, excel allows you to auto recover the excel file in case of any accidental damage to the workbook. Excel saves a copy of your currently opened file after every x minutes.

The following steps help you in saving excel file over a particular path:

  • Click on File menu
  • Click on Options
  • From Excel Options select Save




  • To change the default location, click on “Default local file location” box & enter the new path where you want to save the excel file.




  • To set the default saving time other than 10 minutes, you can click on Save AutoRecover information every x minutes box & enter the minutes from 1 to 120




To be on a safer side in case of any crash or power issue, we suggest you to use 1 minute or so. The logic behind saving excel every minute is the more versions we have there are more chances to have the data secured.

After auto-save as well as auto recover is completed, we can restore a file when any crash happens; thus, we can prevent data from getting corrupt.

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