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About Dashboard:

Dashboard is the source to present the analyses in one report. To prepare the dashboards we use the different types of chart to present the numbers and graphic picture for the better understanding.

Daily production dashboard useful to track the daily production report according to that we can see the analyses according to the target vs achievement.
When we will open this dashboard then we will get the date confirmation pop up enter the date according to requirement.

In the list we can enter the top 5 issues, which we faced at the production time.

In this table we can see the graphical analyses according to the goal. We just need to enter the Units of treated and untreated and the actual run hours and how much units are producing per hour. In the cells of unit per hour we can set our goal so that we can see the target vs achievement.

In this table we can enter the FPQ %age to shift wise for Old and New crop. In the right side of the table enter the non-confermances.
In this table we can enter the major down time due to production target was not completed or production was the slow. It can be used to improve the production.
In this table we can mention the safety issues which we faced at time of production so that the issues will get resolve.

After entered all the information just press on the process and Email form will update in the main data and will get mail to the concern person and department.

After click on the Clear form, form will be cleared and then we can enter the new entry in the form.


  1. Muhammad Muzammil Iqbal

    Seemed to be an interesting & informative Dash board. Can I see some link form where I can download the link of this dash board. In previous queries I have found almost same help people are seeking for from your good self.

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