Team Performance Dashboard - Nice use of Pie chart

Created by: elhrvoje

About Dashboard:

This dashboard shows the team performance by team members, product, region, CSAT %, sales per hour, revenue per hour.

The dashboard focuses on total transparency of performance&the team is working to measure both soft and hard performance factors as well as indicating areas that are deteriorating or improving month-on-month.

There are many ways in which you can visualize team performance data to understand the achievements by various teams. In October, ExcelForum team launched a dashboard competition in which you were asked to visualize sample data. The challenge has generated a huge thrill around the community and fetched 118 incredible entries.

In this article, we will show you the steps on how to create this dashboard.

Let us see how the Dashboard made by Elhrvoje looks:


We have divided this dashboard into 4 sections of information. Let us take a look at each one separately.


The following is a picture of the drop down list, which contains team names, team members, product & region.


The drop down list provides various options for the viewer to choose & all the related data gets dynamically updated.

Section 2:

The following is a dynamic table that will update on the basis of selection in the drop down list. The below snapshot will show login hours, total talk time, total hold time & many more.


Section 3:

The following chart shows total talk time, total hold time, sales per hour & revenue per hour. This chart will keep on updating dynamically whenever we change the selection in the drop down lists.


Section 4:

The following chart shows total number of calls& ratings like excellent, good, fair & poor. The chart will keep on updating dynamically whenever we change the selection in the drop down lists.


Using this dashboard we can get a clear view of the Team Performance;and thus we can get the information from various points of view.

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