Summing Sales Quantities and Amounts of Several Lists, or Presenting the Figures Side-by-Side in Excel 2007

To total the quantities and the amounts of monthly sales Lists:

1. Define Names for two Lists, in screenshot, January2006 (range A1:C6) and February2006 (range A8:C13).
2. Select cell A16, and select Data -> Consolidate (in Data Tools Group).
3. Follow the instructions on how to Consolidate Lists (see Consolidating Lists in Excel 2007 ).

To display total sales (quantities and amounts) by month, side-by-side:

1. In January 2006, change the heading titles Quantity and Total to Quantities January 2006 and Total Sales January 2006 respectively.
2. In February 2006, change the heading titles Quantity and Total to Quantities February 2006 and Total Sales February 2006 respectively.
3. Repeat steps 2 through 6 on the previous page to consolidate the Lists.


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