Comparing Three or More Lists in Microsoft Excel

Use the technique described at the tip "Comparing Lists in Microsoft Excel" (view tip) and then paste three lists one list below the other.

the list number should be factors of 2 (or any other mathematical combination that you choose).

  • For List 1, use 2^0 or the number 1.
  • For List 2, use 2^1 or the number 2.
  • For List 3, use 2^2 or the number 4.

The consolidation results in a series of numbers from 1 to 7, in which:

  • 1,2,4 = the name appears in only one list.
  • 3,5,6 = the name appears in two lists, 3=2+1, 5=4+1,6=2+4.
  • 7 = the name appears in all three lists.

Screenshot // Comparing Three or More Lists in Microsoft Excel

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