How to Count Days in Month in Excel

Well, this is one can be done manually but when you work on excel you want automation as much as possible. In that case, for getting days in given month, we should use excel formulas. In this article, we will learn how to get number of days in given month.

Generic Formula


Date: the number of days will be calculated of this date’s month.

Example: Get number of days in month of sum random dates.
Here, we have this list of sum random dates. We need to get number of days of respective months. If you have to tell me the number of days in each month, you will take significant time to tell months with 31 days and 30 days, and may forget to check the leap year. Excel will not do these mistakes.

Write this formula in cell B2 and drag it down.


This can be used to calculate salaries and to know workdays.
How it works?
The EOMONTH function of excel returns the serial number of last date of month of given date. The DAY function returns the Day from last date of month. Together they provide us number of days in month of given date.

So yeah guys, this how you can get number of days of a month in excel. Let me know if you have any doubt or query regarding this article or another excel topic. The comments section is open for you. We will be happy to help you.

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  1. I would like a formula to calculate days remaining, but differently. I am a Canadian that is only allowed to stay for 182 days in the US. I would like to be able to count from Jan. 1, and be shown how many days I have left after I remove May through Nov.. Know what I mean .

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