How to Generate Random Phone Numbers in Microsoft Excel 2010

To generate random phone numbers we will use the Rand function in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Rand: - Returns a random number greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1, evenly distributed (changes on recalculation).

Syntax of “RAND” function:          =RAND()

  • Select the cell A1 and write the formula.
  • =RAND(), press enter.
  • The function can return any random number


Note: When you press any key on your keyboard formula will change the number automatically.

Let’s take an example and understand how we can generate the random phone numbers in Microsoft Excel.

To return the random phone numbers follow below given steps:

  • Select the cell A1, and write the formula to return the random phone number.
  • =RAND()*(9999999999-1000000000)+1000000000, press enter.
  • The function will return the random number in the cell.
  • To return the 20 numbers list, copy the same formula by pressing the key Ctrl+C and paste in the range A2:A20 by pressing the key Ctrl+V.


We have to format it in phone number format for the proper view of phone numbers.

  • Select the range A1:A20.
  • Press the key CTRL+1.
  • Format Cells dialog box will appear.


  • In the Number tab click on custom.
  • On the right side, write the format type in type box.
  • ###-###-####, Click on ok.


  • Format will get change, in the phone number’s format.

Note: We have to convert formulas in the value, because when you press any key on your keyboard and when you will open the file every time numbers will get change.

To convert the formula in to values we will use the Paste special option.

  • Copy the Rand Formula range A1:A20 and press the key Ctrl+C.
  • Right click of the mouse a popup will get appear.
  • Select “Paste Special”, Paste Special dialog box will appear.
  • Click on Values, click on ok.


  • The formula will get convert in the Values.


This is the way we can generate Random numbers with Excel Rand function in Microsoft Excel.

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