Know to Insert and Remove all Hyperlinks

Hyperlink in Excel helps the users to connect instantly to another place in the spreadsheet where it has been hyperlinked. First you have to hyperlink a cell and to do that you have to select hyperlink option from the insert menu. When you hyperlink you can add reference like a web page, or different file, address and so on.

To Know about Hyperlink

You can hyperlink to various places wherever you feel the necessity. If you want to hyperlink to a range of worksheets, then you have to do few things. First you have to enter the cell reference in the hyperlink box. However you have to select the cell that you want to hyperlink. Just type in the address properly so that the page you want to hyperlink is linked to properly.

You must know that you cannot hyperlink to a chart. But you can insert hyperlink in Excel to a cell which is on a page on which the chart is embedded. Now if you want to hyperlink to a chart sheet then you have to fake the page with Worksheet selection change procedure. This will enable you to hyperlink to a charge sheet though a charge sheet does not have any cells.

You can hyperlink to a word document or power point presentation, but you have to know the exact way of hyperlink. But you have to learn the exact way of doing hyperlink so that you can do it better. On the other hand, you have to know how to remove hyperlink. This follows a definite process you have to know.

Know the process of removing Hyperlink

It is easy if you have to remove one hyperlink. You have to right-click on the cell that is hyperlinked and then have to remove it. Now if you want to remove multiple hyperlinks, then it is tedious task and in that you have to follow a process to complete the task in one go.

Select all the cells whose hyperlinks you want to remove.

In Home Tab > Editing Group > Clear > Remove Hyperlink..

can be used to delete all Hyperlinks from all selected cells.

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There is a better way of removing the hyperlinks in Excel. First you do so by typing in anything in a cell. Right-click and you will get many options. Now select copy from the context menu. Everytime you press CTRL, select cells of whose hyperlink you want to remove. In the Edit list you will find a special option. Catch Multiply under Operation where you will be able to click ok. This will help in removing all the hyperlinks. However, removing hyperlink in Excel follows few simple processes which you have to know. Hence, it is easy to remove hyperlinks in Excel if you know exactly how to do it.

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