Import and Export Text Files

In this article we will learn how to import the text file in Excel file and how to export file into text file.

Text import feature is used, when we have to import a text file to Microsoft Excel 2010 & 2013. Examine the text import to ensure that the data which we want to be in that way is imported into Excel.

Let’s take an example & understand how to use the Text Import Utility

We are having an Excel sheet in which we want to import text files, follow below mentioned steps:-

  • Go to Data tab Click on From Text in the Get External Data.


  • Select the text file which we want to import into Excel


  • Select Import, window of the Text Import dialog box will appeared.


  • Click Next, we can choose the delimiters, data preview is also available in the bottom.
  • It will help to us to find out that which delimiters is requiredto import the text file into Microsoft Excel.
  • In this data we have require semicolon, check the box of semicolon, uncheck the box of tab, Click Next, now finish.


  • A pop up will appear to ask, Where do you want to put the data? Select the cell and Worksheet, then ok. Data would beimported in Excel Sheet.

Note: After importing the text file into Excel file date will be displayed in number format. We have to covert the numbers into date format. Select the date range and press the key Ctrl+Shift+3 on your keyboard.
Another way is also available to import the text data in Microsoft Excel.

  • Open the text file, Select all data, Press the key Ctrl+A, Copy (Ctrl+C), & go to Excel Sheet and paste Ctrl+V.
  • As we can see the data is shown in Excel, this is not in that way in which we have require.


  • Select the data range, go to data tab, Click on Text to column.
  • Window byconverting text to column dialog will appear.


  • Click on the next, check the box of semicolon, uncheck the box of tab, Click Next, now finish.
  • The data will get separate in columns.

To Export Excel File into Text File follow below mentioned steps:-

  • Open Excel file.
  • Click on File tab in the ribbon.
  • Click on Save As, choose the location where you wanted to save the text file.


  • Save as dialog box will appear.
  • Write the File name.
  • Click on Save as type drop down list.


  • Select CSV (Comma delimited).
  • Click on ok.

This is the way to convert the Excel file into Text file and Text file into Excel.

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