How to Find Average of the Largest 3 Values in Microsoft Excel 2010

If you want to find the average of the largest 3 numbers in a range, you can use AVERAGE & LARGE functions to retrieve the output.
AVERAGE function in excel can be used to find the average value or arithmetic mean of values in a selected range of cells.

Syntax: =AVERAGE(number1,number2,...)


number1, number2,……number n are numeric values.They can be numbers or names, arrays of references that contain numbers.
LARGE: Returns the k-th largest value in a data set. For example, the second largest number from a list of 10 items.

Syntax: =LARGE(array,k)

array: It is an array or range of cells in a list of data for which you want to find the k-th largest value.

k: It is the kth position from largest value to return in the array or range of cells.
Let us take an example:

We have some numbers in column A.We want a formula that will give the result of the average of the three largest numbers in the range.


  • In cell B2, the formula would be
  • =AVERAGE(LARGE(A2:A10,{1,2,3}))
  • Press Enter on your keyboard.
  • The function will return average number of largest 3 values.


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