How to Copy Vertical and Paste Horizontal in Microsoft Excel 2010

In this article we will learn how to copy vertical and paste horizontal in Microsoft Excel.

While working with data in excel, the first step is to get the data from the desired source & organize it. Sometimes there is aneed to convert the Vertical data to Horizontal for better analysis or presentation.

The tool we are going to use is the Transposeoption in the Paste Special command.

Try these Steps:

    • Open the Excel sheet
    • Copy the selected data i.e. A3:A10 by using Ctrl + C




    • Right clickon the mouse in cell C4 where you want to paste the data.




    • Select the option highlighted in Blue to Transpose the data. You can either select the first highlighted box directly below the paste options header or the 2nd one.
    • You can also apply the Keyboard shortcut. - Select the cell where you want to paste the data as shown in below picture by using Paste Special command and use the keyboard shortcut for paste special which is Alt + E, S, E




  • This is how our output looks after pasting it as Horizontal




Another way to copy data which is vertical & paste ithorizontallyis by using the Transpose Function




  • In cell C4, type {=TRANSPOSE(A3:A10)} using Ctrl + Shift + Enteron the keyboard.
  • This is how our output looks after pasting it horizontally.




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