How to Add Rupee Symbol In Microsoft Excel 2010

In this article, you will learn on to show Indian Rupee symbol in chart.


Let us take an example to understand:

We have Sales Report that contains US states & quarterly sales.
From the above data, we have made a chart to show the quarterly Sales for each state.
Here, we want to show the sales in millions with Indian Rupee symbol.

Right click on Vertical Value Axis & click on Format Axis
The Format Axis options will be displayed
Select Number option
Select the Category as Custom; in Format Code, paste the following code

[>999999]?#,," M";[>999]?#,"K";?#
Click on Add. This will show the Indian Rupee symbol in the chart. Refer below shown snapshot
In this way, you can show Indian Rupee symbol in the chart.

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