This is the declining depreciation table for the asset.


  1. The function generates #VALUE! Error if arguments to the function is non - numeric except optional switch.
  2. The function generates #NUM! Error if:
  • The value of cost and salvage is less than 0.
  • The value of life of asset is less than or equals to zero.
  • The period argument is less than or equals to 0 or greater than life period.
  • Start period greater than end period.
  1. Switch function checks if depreciation is greater than the declining balance calculation and :
    1. If Switch is True, the function doesn’t switch to straight line depreciation
    2. If Switch is False or default, the function switches to straight line depreciation.

Hope you understood how to use VDB function and referring cell in Excel. Explore more articles on Excel  financial functions here. Please feel free to state your query or feedback for the above article.


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