Additional Functions in AutoSum

The AutoSum icon's functionality has been expanded in Excel 2002 and Excel 2003. Click the arrow to the right of the AutoSum icon (a sigma) to select a function.

If the AutoSum icon does not appear in the Standard toolbar:

1. Right-click one of the toolbars, and then select Customize from the shortcut menu.
2. Select the Commands tab, and from Category, click and drag the AutoSum icon onto the toolbar.
Screenshot // Additional Functions in AutoSum
Additional Functions in AutoSum


  1. "Hi, I simply want to protect my VBA code in Excel from people. They must still be able to use the worksheets as they see fit but not see my code. Anyone know how I do this?

    If your reply is password protection, how do I do that? I also understand that a determined hacker could probaly get to the code anyway."

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