Generate a Random Value between Two Limits in Microsoft Excel

In this article, we will learn how to generate random number between two values in Microsoft Excel.

To generate a list of the random values between two limits, we will use of RANDBETWEEN function.

Example of RANDBETWEEN function used in our life is ATM PIN, Net Banking password.

RANDBETWEEN returns a random integer number between the two specified (bottom & top) numbers. A new random integer number gets generated every time the worksheet is calculated.


Syntax: =RANDBETWEEN(bottom,top)


bottom: It is the smallest integer value that RANDBETWEEN will return.

top: It is the largest integer value that RANDBETWEEN will return.


Note: If bottom value is greater than top value then RANDBETWEEN function will return #NUM! error.


Let us take an example:


  • You want to generate a list of random numbers in column A
  • The two arguments i.e. bottom & top have assigned with the values as 5 and 50
  • Select the cell in which you want to generate random number list.
  • Enter the formula in range =RANDBETWEEN(5,50)


  • Copy the formula down in below range of cells


  • You will notice in cell A2, the number gets automatically changed from 40 to 16.
  • This is because of the automatic calculation feature in Excel. If you do not want Excel to generate a new list or disable to re-calculate feature.
  • You need to click on Formulas ribbon
  • In Calculation group, click on Calculation Options


  • Select Manual

If you enter bottom value greater than top value then RANDBETWEEN function will return #NUM! error.

Formula in cell G3 =RANDBETWEEN(50,5) will return #NUM! error.


In this way we can generate Random numbers using Excel Randbetween function.

Users are saying about us...

  1. "this formula does not work in my Excel 95.
    actually, what I'm looking for is a ""formula"" that will generate, for example, 24 non repeating numbers between 1 and 24."

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