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About Dashboard:

Human resources: - Human Resources play a very key role in an organization. Human resource are have so many responsibilities such as hiring the candidates for a company, and ensuring they wouldperform well and check their previous records.

Human resources makes policies regarding Leaves, Salary Distribution, Manpower, Employee Data Manage, Performance Allowances, and Provident Fund etc.

Human resources dashboards are useful to analyze the performance and improvement area of resources, employee satisfaction. We can finalize the salary standard for every level and designation accordingly.

Let’s understand with a dashboard how we can prepare it and how it will be useful for us to analyze and maintain the company standard.


Chart:- Average Compensation and performanceby Department


The above chart is showing the average compensation and performance score by department, we can easily analyze the compensation and performance ratio through this chart and it is easy to understand about the compensation and performance rating Department Wise.

Chart:- Summary Compensation and performance by Employee


The above chart is showing the summary compensation and performance by Employees to every department wise. We can easily analyze the compensation and performance ratio through this chart in depth about every department.

Chart:-Average Sick Days by Department


The above chart is showing the graphic analyses about the average sick days department wise. We can easily analyze for every department how many sick leaves they are taking and which department is taking less leaves and which department is taking more leaves.

Staff Summary


In the above shown table, we can analyze the data on most parameters. In the table we can see the count of employees, then %age of manpower to every department in the company, average years in company, average salary, average overtime, average bonus, bonus(%age of salary), average of total compensation, bonus(% of salary), average total compensation, average performance score, average sick days.

Through this table we can easily analyze the performance and expenditure of every department.

Chart- Hiring Activity


In the above shown chart is about to how many employees were hired in all the quarters. To show the quarterly hiring used the Bar chart, where we can analyze that in which quarter we hired more employees and in which quarter we hired less employees.

Chart- Top Ten Employees by Bonus


The above shown chart shows thetop ten employees; who get the high Bonus in the overall employees in company.

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