Inserting a New Sheet from a Template Sheet

For an explanation on how to create and save a new template workbook.
In this example, the template workbook name is Book.xlt
(except for Excel 2000, where the template workbook name will be Sheet.xlt).

To define a new customized sheet to be used as the default inserted sheet:

1. Insert new sheets from a template named Book.xlt by right-clicking a sheet tab, and selecting Insert from the shortcut menu.
2. Double-click Book.xlt.
3. Delete all sheets except one.
4. Save the workbook as a template with the name Sheet.xlt, and then close it.

To insert one template sheet into a workbook:

1. Right-click any sheet tab, and select Insert from the shortcut menu.
2. In the Insert dialog box, select the template Sheet.xlt and click OK. The inserted sheet is the customized sheet template.
Screenshot // Inserting a New Sheet from a Template Sheet
Inserting a New Sheet from a Template Sheet

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