Calendar in Excel

Sometime we love to have calendar in Excel. You can display a calendar in a excel sheet and enter date in a cell by selecting the appropriate date. Follow the given steps :-

1. Open excel work book.
2  Go to view>Toolbars>Control Toolbox
3. Now you can see a toolbox window in the sheet. Go to last button (more control) and click on it. Here u can see a list of controls, click on Calendar control.
4. Adjust the calendar in the sheet where you required to be displayed this.
5. Double click on calendar or right click, then view code, you will find following code in coding window:-

Private Sub Calendar1_Click()

End Sub

6. Enter following line between 1st and last line

ActiveCell.Value = Calendar1.Value

7. Your code will look like this :_

Private Sub Calendar1_Click()
ActiveCell.Value = Calendar1.Value
End Sub

8. Come out of VBA window and go to excel sheet and use the calendar.


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