Excel Calendar + Memo

This is something I came up with around 14 months ago for my company.
Attached is the modified version for general usage.

In short, this excel contains a Calendar that allows a user to change the month and year displayed, as well as inserting memo when desired.
> Please do have Iteration enabled for it to work [I think 3 will do]

*Cell F2 and G2 are drop downs that can be used to change the calendar date & year
*Memo can be inserted into columns N, O & P
*Since the entries are unable to sort themselves automatically according to "time", please sort it using column 'O' instead. Date arrangement changing doesnt affect the calendar entries since it will be captured in the row ref field.
*Column 'P' can be sued to restore your entries to original arrangement if you want them to be un-sorted for some reason.

I'm not sure if anything similar to this exist, but I did not refer to anything during its creation.

Hope this is somewhat useful, if not at least I hope you will find this interesting!


P.S Please do feel free to leave any comment or question should there be any

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