Stock Quote fetching

If you wish Excel to fetch stock quote, follow below steps:-


1.Before you proceed, make sure that Smart Tags are turned on @

2.Enter a recognized U.S. Financial Symbol, for example MSFT,CSC in a cell. Make sure you enter the symbol in upper-case letters.

3.Click outside the cell.

4.Move your mouse pointer over the purple triangle that appears in the lower right corner of the cell and then click the arrow besides the ‘Smart Tags Actions‘. A list of options will appear.

5.Click ‘Insert refreshable stock price‘

6.In the ‘Insert Stock Price‘ dialogue box, choose from the following two options.

* Insert the stock price on a new worksheet.
* Insert the stock price on a new location on a worksheet you are currently working on.

NOTE: The data returned might fill up a considerable portion of your worksheet.

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