Inserting a Watermark behind the Text in Excel

A watermark is an image or pattern that appears as a shade of lightness/darkness when viewed in reflected light. It is useful to make it more difficult for those who may claim the documents as their own.

We use watermark for finance documents, HR documents for those documents which is the property or right to someone.

Let’s take an example and understand how we can insert draft watermark in Excel for confidential documents.


image 1

To insert the text “Watermark” behind the text before printing Financial Statements report, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Open your Excel workbook where you want to insert the watermark behind the text.
  • Go to “Insert” tab.
  • In the group of Text, select Word Art and type Watermark.

image 2


  • Copy the Word Arttext and paste multiple times in Excel.
  • And then paste text in Paint.
  • And then save the picture at desktop.

image 3


  • Insert Header & footer from the Insert tab under the Text group.
  • Header- You can select either center, left or right.

image 4


  • Click on the Picture on the “Design” contextual tab.
  • Insert the picture from desktop.
  • Click on OK.

image 5


This is the way we can insert watermark in Microsoft Excel.


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