Inserting a Field that Calculates the Difference between Two Fields in Excel 2007

To insert data fields that calculate the difference between two data fields:

1. Insert a Calculated Field, follow instructions in previous tip .
2. In the Insert Calculated Field dialog box, type the field title in the Name box.
3. In the Fields box, select December 2006.
4. Click Insert Field, and then type the minus (-) symbol in the Formula box.

5. In the Fields box, select December 2005, click Insert Field, and then click OK.
6. The new Calculated Field is inserted into the Data area in the PivotTable report.
7. Insert another Calculated Field, the formula in the Formula box is now:
=(December 2006/December 2005)-1.
8. Select a cell in the first calculated field (cell D8 for example), right click and select Value Field Settings, click Number Format button and change the field formatting.
9. Select a cell in the second calculated field (cell E8 for example) right click and select Value Field Settings, click Number Format button, select Custom, in the Type box insert the format: 0.00%;[Red]-0.00% and click OK.

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