PivotTable Field List Dialog Box in Excel 2007

Pivot Table Field List Dialog Box


Pivot table is the most amazing feature of Excel. We can use pivot table in Excel on daily basis to create & analyze what the data is all about. With Pivot table drag & drop feature, we can try various ways to summarize report. In this article, we will focus on how to hide & unhide field list box in order to save the screen space when not in use.

Following is the snapshot of data we have:




To hide or unhide the Field list, first we have to make pivot table & following is the snapshot of pivot table we have:




We need to follow the below steps to hide/unhide the Field list in pivot table.

  • Click on Analyze ribbon
  • In Show group, click on Field list to hide/unhide
  • Following is the snapshot of pivot report




  • After we click on Field list, the pivot table field list will not be available for display.




In above snapshot, you will find the pivot table field list will not be there because the Field list option under Analyze ribbon is not activated.

In this way, user can play with available screen area to show some other important stuff like chart or so.


image 48




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