Adding Additional PivotTable Reports Using the Same Data Source

To create several PivotTable reports with different structures from one data source:

Option 1: Assuming a PivotTable report has already been created

1. Select a cell in another sheet.
2. From the Data menu, select PivotTable and PivotChart Report.
3. In Step 1 of 3, select Another PivotTable or PivotChart, and then click Next.
4. Select the name of the PivotTable report already created in the workbook, and then click Next.
5. Continue building the PivotTable report.

Option 2: The fastest method

Quickly create several PivotTable reports from a single one by copying and pasting the existing PivotTable report.
1. Right-click a cell in the existing PivotTable report, select Select from the shortcut menu, and then Entire Table.
2. Press Ctrl+C to copy it.
3. Press Shift+F11 to insert new sheet, and then press Ctrl+V to paste the PivotTable report.
4. Repeat step 3 to add more PivotTable reports. You can now change the field structures of each PivotTable report to analyze the data and present it differently.

Refreshing one PivotTable report refreshes each of the additional PivotTable reports, as they all use the same source data stored in the cache memory.


  1. I am having the same issue... I've never had this issue on 2010, but I'm on 2016 with Office 365 now and am experiencing the same thing. MS documentation, even within the tool refers to 2007! Annoying and not helpful.

  2. I tried this - but its not working the way I want - when I group the date field - it groups all of the pivot tables. I want each pivot table grouped separately. Any assistance on this. I want each pivot table to work independently.

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