Selecting Cells in Horizontal or Vertical Ranges

In this article, you’ll learn how to select horizontal and vertical range. While working in Excel, we insert Data in cells. In Excel, we can select ranges vertically and horizontally by using Keyboard keys, or we can select through mouse as well.

Below are some tips to move from one cell to another and to select Range of Cells.

Let’s understand with example:-

We have data in Excel shown below :-

image 1


Using Keyboard:

To select a range of cells:

  • Vertically from top to bottom, press “Ctrl+Shift+ Down” Arrow

image 2


  • Vertically from bottom to top, press “Ctrl+Shift+Up” Arrow

image 3


  • Horizontally from left to right, press “Ctrl+Shift+ Right” Arrow

image 4


  • Horizontally from right to left, press “Ctrl+Shift+ Left” Arrow

image 5


Note:- If you want to select till specific criteria precisely, you can use Shift+Arrow key.

Using Mouse:

Select a cell in a range, press the Shift key and double-click the edge of the selected cell when the mouse image changes to four directional arrows.


  • To Select Range of Cell from B6:B10

image 6


In this way, we can select horizontally and vertically data range in Microsoft Excel.


image 48


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