Fast Copying & Pasting in Adjacent Cells in Microsoft Excel 2010

In this article, we will learn how we can copy and paste in adjacent cells quickly in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Let’s take an example to understand how we can copy and paste in the adjacent cells quickly.

We have data in range A1:C11 where Column A contains Name, column B contains Score (1st Day), and column C contains score 2nd day.
In column D, we want to return the total score, then we need to copy paste the formula with the fast option. We will have to follow below given steps:-

  • Write the formula in cell D2.
  • =B2+C2
  • Press Enter on your keyboard.


  • To fast copy paste formula, place the mouse on the handle in the bottom right hand corner of the cell.


  • Double click when the mouse pointer changes into a plus symbol. Excel copies the constants or formulas till the last cell of data.

If you want to copy and paste the content in the range side of the range, you need to follow below given steps:-

  • Which content you want to copy in the right side select the cell to the right side of the content.
  • Select the range of cells to the right side and press the key Ctrl+R on your keyboard.


  • The same content will get copied & pasted in the range.

This is the way we can fast copy and paste the adjacent cells in Microsoft Excel.


  1. If you just want to copy the text/numbers/etc from the cell above quickly, just press control and ' (apostrophe) keys and that will do it. I use this all the time to copy the date or other info on spreadsheets all the time!

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