What's New in Excel 2003

New menu items, cell shortcut menu items and keyboard shortcuts:

* In the File menu: File Search and Permission
* In the View menu: Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F1 makes the Task Pane visible. To hide it, press Ctrl+F1(its toggle).
* In the Tools menu: Research along with keyboard shortcut Alt+Click.
* In the Data menu: List along with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+L and XML.
* In the Window menu: Compare Side by Side.
* In the Help menu: Contact Us and Check for Updates.
* In the cell shortcut menu: Create List and Lookup.
* New keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+A to select List/Current Region; Ctrl+A+A to select all cells in the sheet.

Expanded Task Panes:

Task Panes were new features in Excel 2002, and have been expanded in Excel 2003. There are now 11 Task Panes, with the new ones being:
* Getting Started
* Help
* Research
* Template Help
* Shared Workspace
* Document Updates
* XML Source

Expanded Subtotal Function Options:

The Subtotal function has the following new options:
* Two new statistical functions: VAR and VARP.
* The Subtotal function returns values from hidden cells (when using AutoFilter, Subtotals and Consolidate Using Links techniques) in two formats, either including hidden values or ignoring them.

XML Support:

You may import and export XML data in any schema. XML support allows you to:
* Expose your data to external processes in a business-centric XML vocabulary.
* Organize and work with workbooks and data in ways that were previously impossible or very difficult. By using your XML schemas, you can now identify and extract specific pieces of business data from ordinary business documents.
* Attach a custom XML schema to any workbook by using the XML Source task pane to map cells to elements of the schema. Once you have mapped the XML elements to your sheet, you can seamlessly import and export XML data into and out of the mapped cells.
To use XML, select XML from the Data menu.

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