Copying Cell Content Across Sheets in Excel 2007

To fill across sheets (that is, copy information from selected cells to all sheets in the workbook), simultaneously:

1. Select a cell(s) that contains the data to be copied.
2. Right-click the sheet tab, and from the shortcut menu, select Select All Sheets, or hold down the key and click the last sheet tab.
3. Select Home -> Fill (in Editing Group) -> Across Worksheets.
4. In the Fill Across Worksheets dialog box, check one of the three option buttons and click OK.
5. To remove sheet groupings, hold the key and then click the first sheet tab.
Right-click one of the sheets tabs and select Ungroup Sheets from the shortcut menu.

Screenshot // Copying Cell Content Across Sheets in Excel 2007
Copying Cell Content Across Sheets in Excel 2007

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