How to use the LEN Function in Excel

The LEN function in Excel counts characters in a string. I mainly use it when I need to extract text from a string. The Excel LEN function comes in handy when the number of characters in a string is indefinite.

Excel LEN Function Syntax


String : this can be a hardcoded string or a cell reference.

LEN function does not discriminate between the numbers and texts. It counts spaces too.

Example of LEN Function

Count length of “Mahishmati”. Yes of course, count of the characters.

LEN Formula to count number of characters in a string


The length of string is 10.

Now lets count the number of characters of string in cell B2. B2 can change any time.


This will return the count of characters in cell B2 (not of the formula but value).

So yeah guys. Thats what LEN function do. It might not sound attractive but when it is used with other string function like LEFT, RIGHT, SUBSTITUTE, FIND, SEARCH, it works as a trigger of a missile. You can check my articles on Text extraction and how LEN function helped me hit the target.

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