How To Use Text Function in Microsoft Excel 2010

An overview

Microsoft worksheet is highly used in the homes and offices to record data of all types such as numerical values, texts, formulas, currencies, names, addresses and much more. Talking about the entering of sophisticated numbers, currencies, addresses and other stuffs can be extremely difficult and tiring job without the excel text formatting option and the chances of wrong entry of data in the absence of the formatting option are also very high.

What is excel text formatting option in excel 2010?

As the name suggests, the TEXT function of the excel sheet allows the user to convert a numeric value to text. It also allows you to specify how the data is displayed in the sheet. This formatting option allows to you merge numbers with texts and symbols, as per your requirements. You may even form a complete sentence using simple formulas and put them in your excel sheet. The overall advantages of all these are that this option saves time of the user largely and cuts down on making documentation errors.

Ways of Using the Excel Text Format or Formulas

The data entry can be done in both columns and rows of the worksheet through this process.

Entering excel text to number

  • To enter text along with some numerical values you will have to first need to click on the cell where you want your final answer to be displayed.
  • Once you have done this, go to the formula bar located below the ribbon menu strip and type =TEXT (A1,”$0.00”)&”per hour” . The result gets displayed as $23.50 per hour in the excel sheet. The “A1” can be replaced by the column address where you want the answer to be displayed and the dollar sign will come only if you wish to display the result in dollar. The text “per hour” can be replaced by the text of your choice.
  • You may describe the syntax as TEXT(value,format_text), where the “value” can be arguably any numeric value or reference to a cell containing a specific numeric value. It may also contain the formula to evaluate the numeric value. The “format_text”  needs to contain any numeric format enclosed in quotes such as d/m/yyyy or #,##0.00, etc. There are significant formula for every text or numerics entered, such as”#” stands for number whereas the “0” stands for zero. The “?” stands for aligned decimals in the column. Similarly, you may use “m” for month say 1-12 or “mm” for 01-12. “mmm” can be used for jan-dec or “mmmm” can be used for January to December. Discussing all the formats of the excel sheet text here in detail lies out of the domain of this article space.

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