How to use the Excel RANK.EQ Function

The RANK.EQ function in excel ranks a number in a reference list of numbers. When two or more numbers clash, the top rank of that set is returned.


Syntax of RANK.EQ Function


Number: The number that you want to rank
Ref_Range: The range in which you want to rank. The number must be in the ref_range.

[Order]: This argument is optional. 1 is for ascending ranking and 0 for descending. Ascending ranking means that higher number will get lover ranking. Descending ranking means higher number will get higher ranking. By default it is Descending.


So to rank each number in range A3:A12 in descending order we can write this RANK.EQ formula.


Similarly to rank each number in range A3:A12 in ascending order write this RANK.EQ formula.


1 commands excel to rank in ascending order.

The best thing about the RANK.EQ function that you don’t need to sort the data to rank.

Since Excel 2010 till now RANK.EQ function is used to rank numbers with average ranking in excel.

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