Calculating Total Pay, Based on Hours Worked Per Day and Hourly Rates



Listed in columns A & B are the times an employee signed in and out of work each day.
Column C contains the rate per hour for that particular day.
We want to calculate the employee’s total pay.

Solution 1:

To calculate the number of hours worked per day, enter the following formula in column D:
Then calculate the pay per day by entering the following formula in column E:
Finally, use the SUM function as shown in the following formula to sum the results from column E:

2 thoughts on “Calculating Total Pay, Based on Hours Worked Per Day and Hourly Rates

  1. Hi,
    I need to calculate per hour salary.? What should be the format of time in A1 and A2 cell, where A1 is time in and A2 is time out respectively. there difference will be in B1 cell.My hourly salary is 430.. i cant calculate my hourly salary…it giving me wrong answer.. can you help me regarding this matter.? bcz when I multiply 430 with the total hours worked , i am getting wrong answer.

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