Conditional Formatting in Pivot table

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How to replace blanks in Pivot Table with alternative text?

I can use a custom conditional format to remove (blank) from a Pivot Table, but how do I replace (blank) with some alternative text, say for example a dash "-"?

User query: -When we create the pivot table then we get (blank) in pivot table if data is not available. So we want to replace it with the blank, or some other special character.


image 1


How to resolve this problem?

Follow below given steps to covert the text into time:-

  • Select the Pivot table area.
  • Go to Conditional formatting tab.
  • Select the New rule option.
  • Then select Format only cells that contain
  • Select specific text from the dropdown list of format only cells with.
  • Select containing and then enter (blank).

image 2


  • Click on format.
  • Format Cells dialog box will open.
  • Then click on Numbers > Custom
  • Enter the semicolon in the type box.

image 3


  • Click on OK.

image 4


This is the way we can remove (blank) from the Pivot table.

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