Creating and Saving Custom Styles

To create a wide range of complex Styles, add Styles and save each one separately with a unique name:

Step 1: Add the Style box to the Formatting toolbar:

1. Place the mouse pointer on one of the toolbars, right-click, and from the shortcut menu, select Customize.
2. Select the Commands tab.
3. From Format categories, drag the Style box to the Formatting toolbar, and close the Customize dialog box.

Step 2: Save the Style:

1. Select any cell and press Ctrl+1.
2. Select Custom on the Number tab and in the Type box, type the following number format:
#,##0 ;[Red](#,##0);- ;
3. Select the font and the font size.
4. Press Alt+' (this keyboard shortcut opens the Style box).
5. In the Style box, enter the text NegativeNumbersinBrackets, 0=-.
6. Press Enter. This style can now be used for any cells in the current workbook.
Screenshot // Creating and Saving Custom Styles
Creating and Saving Custom Styles

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