Quick Filtering Using the AutoFilter Icon

In this article, we will learn how to apply quick filtering, using auto filter icon in Microsoft Excel.

AutoFilter is very nice and useful function in Excel. In huge data, filter is a quick and simple way to apply filter in the given data and find what we need.

For example:- we have sales data with the details of region, city, sales name, product, sales amount, revenue amount, etc. To see the region wise detail, simply we put the filter on header and then select ay region from the region dropdown list.

Let’s do it practically and understand how to use auto filter quickly.

We have data in which column A contains region, column B contains City, column C Agent, column D product, column E total revenue, and column F contains Net revenue.


image 1



Now, we want to see the data for Luxemburg region. Follow below steps:-

  • Select the data and put the filter.
  • Press the shortcut key to place the filter Ctrl+Shift+L
  • Place the mouse arrow and click on it.
  • Unselect all.
  • Select Luxemburg from the dropdown menu.


image 2


  • Only Luxemburg’s data will be appear.


image 3


Now, we will put the criteria based filter. In data, we have total revenue and net revenue columns. And, we want to see the data in which total revenue is less than $54.

Follow below steps:

  • Select the data and put the filter by using the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift +L
  • Click on the arrow button of Total Revenue column.
  • Click on Numbers filters.


image 4


  • Click on Less than.
  • Custom filter dialog box will appear.
  • Enter $54.00 in the criteria.


image 5



  • Click on OK.


image 6


  • Data will display where the total revenue will be less than $54.

This is the way we can do quickly filtering using auto filter in Microsoft Excel.



image 48


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