Print Cell Comments in Microsoft Excel

Excel comments are very helpful for tracking purposes. While working on reports, you may encounter an error & you may want to make a note of it in Excel itself so that you can work on the error part later on.

In this scenario, you can use comments to indicate error or comment you need to work later on.

  • Select the cell where you want a comment to be displayed.
  • Press SHIFT + F2, the shortcut key for comments.
  • Comments are only visible when the workbook is open.
  • While printing the data of the Excel file, comments do not get printed.

You can make comments visible at all the time by using Show all comments in Review ribbon.


To print the Excel cell comments, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Click on Page Layout ribbon
  • Click on Print Titles


  • The Page Setup dialog box will appear
  • In “Comments:” section, you need to select the option “As displayed on sheet”


  • Click on OK
  • Now you can print the comments along with data or you can select print at end of the sheet.
  • Click on Print Preview to see how it looks.


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