Hide/Unhide a Sheet in Excel 2007

In this article, we will learn how to hide and unhide the sheet in Microsoft Excel 2007.

We hide the sheet when we do not want to show the sheet to someone else. Mostly we use this option while creating the dashboard, templates to hide the working sheets. There are 3 techniques to hide or unhide Sheet tab:-

Technique 1:-

  • Right click on the sheet which you want to hide.
  • Pop-Up will appear.
  • Click on hide option to hide the sheet.


image 1


  • To unhide the sheet when a sheet is already hidden,  you will get an option in the right click pop-up.


image 2


  • Click on Unhide option.
  • You will get the Unhide dialog box.


image 3


Technique 2:-

  • In the Home tab of ribbon.
  • In the Cells group > Click on Format.
  • In Visibility option, you can Hide Rows, Hide Columns, Hide Sheet, Unhide Rows, Unhide Columns, and Unhide Sheet.

image 4


  • To hide the sheet, click on Hide Sheet, current sheet will get hidden.
  • To unhide the sheet, click on Unhide Sheet.
  • Pop-up will appear where you can see the sheets which are hidden and select the sheet which you want to unhide.


image 5


Technique 3:-

  • If you want to hide sheets from VBA.
  • Open the Visual Basic Editor by pressing Alt + F11, the shortcut key
  • To select the properties window, press F4
  • Scroll down till Visible & select the third option i.e. 2 – xlSheetVeryHidden


image 6


  • After setting the Visible option to 2 – xlSheetVeryHidden
  • The hidden sheet will not be able to unhide from Format.

Taken Away:-

  • Way to hide or unhide the sheet using mouse.
  • Hide and Unhide option located on ribbon
  • Hide and Unhide sheet option in Sheet properties that we use for VBA.


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