Dividing a First Left Heading Title

To divide a title in a cell:

1. In cell A1, enter the words: Headings and Invoice Number.
2. Select cell A1, and in the Formula Bar, place the cursor after the word Headings.
3. Press Alt+Enter twice (once to wrap the text and once for an additional empty row space).
4. Press Ctrl+Enter to accept the changes without moving from cell.
5. Press Ctrl+1 to open the Format Cells dialog box.
6. Select the Border tab and select the left diagonal border.
7. Select the Alignment tab.
8. From both the Horizontal and Vertical dropdown lists, select Justify.
9. Click OK.
10. In the Formula Bar, place the cursor before the word Headings and press the Space Bar to add spaces and move the word to right.

Screenshot // Dividing a First Left Heading Title
Dividing a First Left Heading Title


  1. "Hi Taiki,

    If you have a cell (A1) containing the date value for 17 Aug 2003 (=37850) then you can get to the value for 1 Aug 2003 by using the following formula:

    =VALUE(TEXT(A1,""MMM YY""))

    There are other ways, but this one is very general, and does not require the use of any 'unusual' functions etc.


  2. "Hi John,

    I have seen this done many times, but it is extremely annoying to anyone else using that computer if they don't want that file, or even if the normal user doesn't.

    My suggestion to colleagues who want this, is that they set up a shortcut immediately beside their normal Excel shortcut (within the Start Menu or on their Desktop normally), that actually refers to the file that you want to open up with normally.

    That way, when they click on that shortcut, the workbook opens automatically with Excel without inconveniencing themselves or others who don't want it.

    Hope that works for you.


  3. But then I have to press the shift key and = to get a + and maybe this only works with a numeric key pad. But then the date will probably be in mm/dd/yy format for the first 12 days of the month and then in dd/mm/yy for the rest of the month, so not much use.

  4. After dividing the cell use in cell editing to add spaces to move the second word to the right. Might not be the best way, but it works.

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