DAYS function

DAYS function is introduced in Excel 2013 and it is very useful function to calculate the number of days between two dates.


= DAYS(end_date, start_date)

Example:- If we apply DAYS function to find out the number of days between 12/31/2012 and 12/01/2012 as =DAYS(“12/31/2012″, ” 12/1/2012″), the answer would be 30.

The beauty of this function is that it will still work if one of the date among two dates, is entered as text, for example =DAYS(“12/31/2012″, “1-Dec-2012″), will still produce result as 30 because as per function property, if either one of the date is text, the formula will treat that as DATEVALUE (date_text) and still return correct result. :)


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