Remove Data Validation Using Paste Special in Excel

In Excel, we can prevent user from entering their stuff in cell by using data validation. In this article, we will get rid of data validation list in Excel.

Question: Is there a smart way in Excel to remove data validation list at all in a cell so that I can enter my own values.

The normal way is:

  • Press ALT + D + L
  • From Settings tab; click on Allow
  • Select Any Value

image 1


  • Click on OK button & data validation will be gone in Excel.


The problem in this approach is too much use of mouse; in order to avoid use of mouse we can use Paste Special.


We need to follow the below steps:

  • Select a blank cell where no data validation list is applied.
  • Press CTRL + C to copy
  • Select the cell(s) which you want to remove data validation list.
  • Press ALT + E, S, N

image 2


  • Click on button & your data validation list will be vanished using copy paste special feature.

In this way, we can get rid of data validation dropdown list in Excel.


Download-Sample File-xlsx


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