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In this article we will learn about how we can analyze the Opportunity of Loss Monitoring issues.

Opportunity Loss Monitoring: - To track the reason of down fall at the work place we use the term Opportunity loss monitoring. We can monitor that where we are falling to complete the production targets.

Let’s take an example and understand what is opportunity loss monitoring.
In this report we have 3 drop down filters:-

1st is available to select the Responsibility (who the responsible for the particular part):- Buyer A, Buyer B, and Buyer C.

2nd is available to select the Alternate supplier:- Supplier G, Supplier H and Supplier I

3rd is available to select the Reason of Opportunity Loss:- Planned less take off, Quality Issue, Row material issue and Production Capacity issue.

In the dashboard we can see the summary as per categorized part and date wise sum of opportunity loss. Total opportunity loss we can see in last as Grand total.


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