COMBINA function

In Excel we have lots of functions, in which COMBINA function is one of the Math & trig function. This function has been introduced with Excel 2013.  It returns the number of combinations, with repetitions, for a given number of objects.

Syntax of COMBINA function




Number is the total number of objects available.

Number_chosen is the number of combinations you require.


Let’s take an example and understand how to use COMBINA function:-

image 1


Follow below given steps:-

  • Enter the formula in cell C1
  • =COMBINA(A1,A2)

image 2


  • Press Enter

image 3


  • The function will return 12376, it means we can create 12376 combinations

Now we will change the chosen number:-

  • Enter formula in cell C2
  • =COMBINA(A1,A3)

image 4


  • Press Enter

image 5


  • We can make 364 sets

This is how we can use COMBINA function in Microsoft Excel.

In the above image we can see that syntax is showing the range name, sum of the months number are also correct. In this way we use range name as syntax in Microsoft Excel.


image 48


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  1. I only recently started playing with the new functions in this version and was confused about the output of the function relative to the description by Microsoft. Thanks for explaining it.

    However, the criteria are not quite right as COMBINA(0,0) is the only non-error output when N=0 yet this should be equal to COMBIN(-1,-1) which returns an error. I'm not sure why it provides such a result.

    In fact the criteria provided by Microsoft is wrong as it states that Number > NumberChosen.

    Presuming that COMBINA(N,M) = COMBIN(N+M-1,N-1)

    N-1>=0 --> N>0
    N+M-1>=N-1 --> M>=0

    The only exception is when N=M=0 as noted earlier.

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