Count cells that have either of a, b or c

In this article, we will learn about how to Count cells that equals either A ,B or C value using COUNTIF & SUM function in Excel.

In simple words, Consider a scenario in which we are required to count the data based on specific criteria in an array. counting cells that have either A ,B or C value using the wildcards to catch cell value with COUNTIF & SUM function in excel explained here with an example. Use Wildcards characters for catching strings and perform functions on it.

The COUNTIF function of excel just counts the number of cells with a specific condition in a given range.

The SUM function adds up all the input numbers and returns the sum.

Use the formula:

= SUM ( COUNTIF ( range , { "value1" ; "*value2*" ; "*value3*" } ) )

Let’s understand this function using it as an example.


There There are different shades of colours in range ( A2:A13 ). We need to find the colours which have either Blue, red or violet.

Use the formula:

= SUM ( COUNTIF ( color , { "*Blue*" ; "*red*" ; "*violet*" } ) )

Color : named range for the array A2:A13
* : Asterisk ( * ) wildcard used to extract value wherever value is found.
The formula drops down to
= SUM ( { 3 ; 6 ; 1 } )
3 Blue, 6 red and 1 violet color

There are 10 colors which have either Blue, red or violet.

As you can see the COUNTIF formula returns the count of cells having either of A, B or C value. Here are some observations about the formula.


  1. Wildcards help with extracting value from the substrings.
  2. The COUNTIF function supports logical operators like <, >, <>, = but these are used using double quote sign ( " ) .
  3. Condition argument should use quote sign (") for texts.

Hope you understood how to Count cells which match either of the three values A , B or C in Excel. Explore more articles on Excel Count functions here. Please feel free to state your query or feedback for the above article.

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