Introduction of Microsoft Excel Ribbon

What is MS-Excel ribbon and its uses?

We no longer need to find on which pull-down menu or toolbar the command resides.  The ribbon shows us the most commonly used commands and options to perform a particular task, which is very user-friendly.

 The ribbon consists of the tabs at the top, and the tab is split into groups which categorize related command buttons into sub tasks. Each group has its respective command buttons, the dialog box launchers, which are present in the lower right corner in some of the groups. This opens a dialog box containing a bunch of additional options we can choose from.


image 1.1


The ribbon is at the top of the Excel window.  As per Excel’s default settings, we have 8 tabs:-

image 1


Why and how to add developer tab in Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, we can customize the ribbon and can add Developer tab. This tab we use to write the macro coding on VBE page.

To add the developer tab, Follow the steps below:-

  • Click on File > Options > Customize ribbon > Main tabs (Check to Developer tab) > Click OK.

image 2


  • Now Developer tab will appear in the ribbon

image 3

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