Contextual tab in Microsoft Excel

It was all about Excel ribbon but apart from these menu tabs, we see one more tab that is Contextual tab. When we insert any object, table, charts etc. Contextual tab gets activated.

For Example, if we insert any object then Format contextual tab gets activated.


image 1


image 2


In this tab, we can use the object relate options such as we can change the fill color, outline color, outline width, shape style, and we can insert more objects, even.

If we insert the chart, then 2 contextual tabs will be activated: – 1st Design and 2nd Format.


image 3


Design Tab: - We use this tab to change the chart layout, we can change the color and chart styles; we can switch the data from row to column and column to row and if we need to select different data or we want to add more data, we can do it by using the option Select data. Also, we can change the chart type and move the chart location.

image 4


Format Tab: - We use this tab to format the chart as an object. In order to insert the new shape, we can change chart’s shape-style, Fill-color, Shape-outline, shape-effects, etc.

image 5




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